Saturday, October 3, 2009

Abortion: Victory for the prince of darkness

A sad reality of the tragedy of abortion is the finality of a mother's decision. There are no second chances, except in rare circumstances when an abortion attempt fails. Once a baby's life is ended, the God-given potential of that one precious human being is lost forever; and the mother will never know the blessings God had in mind for her through the life of that one child.

The only winner when a baby is deliberately aborted is the prince of darkness who hates whomever God loves and relentlessly seeks to destroy them. Since God loves ALL His children, born and unborn, the evil one wages a constant, fierce battle against all of humanity. He exults at our weakness and misery, at our confusion and ignorance, at mankind's foolish pride which leads many on the same path of rebellion that he followed to his own eternal downfall. The enemy of us all is hidden, a master of deceit, treacherous beyond our wildest imaginations.

Dr. Gloria Polo is a woman who learned the hard way how she had been deceived by the prince of darkness and fallen into his traps. In God's mercy, she was given a second chance and has been commissioned by Him to repeat her story as a lesson for the benefit of the rest of us.

The Story Behind the Video!


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