Sunday, October 11, 2009

David Burke: "We Want to See the World"

"Holy gracious Jesus Christ, we kneel and thank You for our lives,
and pray that every unborn child will see their parents' loving smile.
May every mother realize that You will guard their children's lives,
and every father know the truth--that children are a gift from You."

(Lyrics from We Want to See the World by David Burke)

"My ultimate desire is for the song to help persuade an expectant parent to not have an abortion. I believe that this purpose is the reason the Holy Spirit gave me this song, and I am carrying out His work by spreading the song as far as possible to save as many lives as possible. If this composition saves just one life, every effort I put into the song will be worth it." (David Burke)

40 DAYS FOR LIFE DAY 19: Watching God at work

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