Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Truth About the Abortion Industry

If you want to learn the truth about what goes on inside abortion facilities, read the testimonies of these former abortion providers.

Carol Everett, former abortion clinic owner: "I cannot tell you one thing that happens in an abortion clinic that is not a lie."

Dr. Anthony Levatino, former abortionist: "...I started to realize...this is somebody's child. I lost my chd, someone who was very precious to us. And now I am taking somebody's child and I am tearing him right out of their womb. I am killing somebody's child."

Dr. Beverly McMillan, former abortionist: "I felt the presence of someone coming up over the back seat of my car and grasping my right shoulder--the hand of heaven."

Joan Appleton, R.N., former abortion nurse: I handled the ultrasound while the doctor performed the procedure...I saw the baby puling away. I saw the baby open his mouth...I couldn't deny what I saw on the screen."

Dr. McArthur Hill, former abortionist: "There isn't any way that you can say there isn't a human body when you can look and see the little arms, feet and faces...sometimes the aborted babies were bigger than the premature babies we took to the nursery."

Luhra Tives, former abortion clinic staffer for abortionist Dr.Tiller: "There was nothing wrong with these babies at all--nothing--and these were third trimester abortions."

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