Monday, September 14, 2009

Saint Thomas Aquinas Appears in Abortionist Stojan Adasevic's Dreams

When Dr. Stojan Adasevic was a medical student, he learned that he was a survivor of a failed abortion. Despite hearing that shocking news, he went on in his medical career to become expert at the very same procedure that caused his own mother's abortion to fail, thus saving his life. He became a master abortionist, performing twenty to thirty abortions in one day. In his twenty-six year career he estimated that he performed 48,000-62,000 abortions.

A more detailed account of Dr. Adasevic's experiences, that led to his abandoning his career as an abortionist and becoming a pro-life apostle, is here.


Vera said...

We need to establish a place in our hearts & in our country where babies who are born but unwanted, will be placed for adoption. Instead of abortion. Without shame to the mother.

plc said...

I'm not sure what you mean by this, Vera. There ARE opportunities (and places) for adoption and I don't know of any shame being place on the mother. In fact, birth mothers are often praised for their heroic, selfless act of giving the child up so that he/she can have a better life than the mother could have provided.

When women opt for abortion and are asked by sidewalk counselors to consider adoption, the answer is often, "I couldn't do that! At least w/abortion, I know what will happen to my baby." Very sad, but true!

We must pray for a conversion of hearts for abortion-minded people!