Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40 Days for Life Campaign: Day One

The 40 days for Life Campaign is a blessing and sign of hope for the pro-life faithful. It is definitely a blessing for the babies that have been and will be saved, and a blessing for the hearts that have been and will be converted.

What started only a few years ago with four people in Texas asking God's guidance in an hour of prayer has escalated into an international, ecumenical pro-life movement of tens of thousands of people in 212 cities.

Recognizing that abortion is a result of spiritual warfare waged by the powers of darkness, the weapons used for this pro-life effort are spiritual weapons--peaceful prayer vigil outside abortion centers, fasting, and community outreach in a spirit of love. 40 Days for Life was inspired by the Holy Spirit, has grown by the power of the Holy Spirit, is sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit. It might more appropriately be called a pro-love movement since it is the work of the Spirit of Love, the Holy Spirit.

If your community does not have an official organized 40 Days for Life group, don't let that stop you from participating with prayer, fasting, and peaceful prayer vigil outside your local abortion center. If you are fortunate enough to not have a local abortion center, or are physically unable to go to an abortion center, pray and fast anyway. Somewhere babies' lives will be saved and mothers, fathers, and grandparents will be spared a lifetime of regret. You can make a difference.

If you are pro-life but don't like to get too involved, think of the true story of a woman who was like you until she got a shocking call from an abortion center saying that her daughter had died as a result of an abortion. That woman is now an active pro-life worker, but it is too late to save her daughter and unborn grandchild.

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