Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dangers of Birth Control Pills, Patches and IUD's

Birth control pills and patches pose a risk of death to women and also to unborn babies that have been conceived on those occasions when the contraceptive fails to prevent pregnancy. To those ladies who use contraceptives, how many of you have read the warnings of possible side effects of your drug of choice? Maybe you THINK that only a rare few women would be affected so seriously as to cause a heart attack, stroke or death, but what if one of those women was you, your mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or beloved friend? What if one of those to die was your unborn baby, sibling, or grandchild? Maybe you are one who would never deliberately choose to have an abortion, but by using contraceptives you are accepting the possibility that one or more of your children will die because you chose to try to prevent their conception.

Use of an IUD can also cause serious health risks for a woman and death to her unborn baby or babies. Read the true and unforgettable story of Dr. Gloria Polo who was struck by lightening while implanted with a copper IUD.

Ladies, please put your trust in God and His Commandments instead of in the FDA and those who promote the use of contraceptives.

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