Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God's Call to Pro-life Unity

Yesterday's post told about Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood director who converted from being, in her own words, "extremely pro-choice" to being pro-life after recently seeing the harsh reality of an actual abortion procedure on ultrasound. Thanks be to God for opening her mind and heart to the true nature of abortion.

During the eight years that Abby worked at Planned Parenthood, she was present for the first ever 40 Days for Life campaign in 2004 conducted outside the abortion facility where she worked, and she was present for the first national campaign and all 40 days for Life campaigns since the first. It was during this recently finished Fall campaign that Abby's heart was finally touched and converted.

Abby's conversion was a great joy and encouragement for all those who have been praying, fasting and keeping a prayerful, peaceful vigil outside abortion facilities during 40 Days campaigns, at other times as well, and for decades of years prior to 40 Days for Life campaigns. There were a total of eight clinic workers who left their jobs during this just ended fall campaign and up to this date 542 babies whose lives were saved in this one campaign alone. Since the first 40 Days there have been over 2000 babies saved from abortion and many abortion workers converted, and those are only the ones known about for certain.

I am personally encouraged, motivated and reinvigorated by seeing what God has inspired and is promoting and supporting by HIS GRACE. He has made it obvious that we are NOT ALONE in this seemingly unending battle, but are warriors called to serve under the greatest and most powerful Commander-in-Chief possible in HIS WAR against the unseen forces of evil that seek to destroy not only the lives of the unborn, but the lives of those who are seduced into participating in abortion.

I believe that the MANY DECADES OF YEARS of prayers, sacrifices and pro-life efforts of COUNTLESS pro-life warriors have been rewarded by 40 Days for Life, this new and mighty inspiration of the Holy Spirit that is uniting pro-life ministries and groups throughout the nation and the world. It is a call to UNITY that is being answered by ministries like Priests for Life, Silent No More, Project Rachel, Helpers of God's Precious Infants, and many, many others. It is GOD'S CALL TO UNITY--not David Bereit's, Father Pavone's or any visible leader. They are HIS instruments, HIS voice to recruit new volunteers and to reinvigorate veterans to zealously persevere in HIS battle for life.

God has decided that it is time for a new SURGE in this spiritual war against the lives of the unborn and against those whose involvement with abortion will damage their lives and their relationship with God. HE IS LEADING IT! HE IS CALLING US! He wants to use ALL OF US as His instruments, His voice--not just some of us. What a privilege it is to serve Our Lord, our God! We could not be at Calvary when Jesus was abandoned by most of His followers, but we CAN be at the modern day Calvary of the abortion mills where what is done to the unborn is done TO Him, and where what is done for the unborn is done FOR Him.

Redeeming and converting a civilization has already been done once.
It can be done again.

But we need to understand that God is calling you and me to do it.
He chose us. He calls us.

He's waiting and now we need to answer Him.

~ Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. ~

MIRACLE: Planned Parenthood director converts!

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