Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer: Preparing for Pro-Life Spiritual Battle

"In our day and age, the greatest war we fight is the struggle to protect the sanctity of life, marriage and family. The attacks grow more relentless each day and the number of casualties is enormous. Will we fight with Him to defend the life of each and every unborn child? Advent is a time to ask ourselves that question and make sure that we are prepared for the battle and not playing into the hands of the Enemy through sloth or apathy. Will we defend marriage and the sanctity of the marital act from all immoral practices such as homosexuality, contraception, pornography and adultery? These are the main challenges of a slothful generation that has long ago given up fighting the most important battle-- that is, the fight to save our immortal souls. "

~ Fr. Thomas Euteneuer ~

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer: Get Ready for Christ Our Savior!

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