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Dr. Paul Byrne: What Everyone Should Know About Organ Donation

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Ave Maria! In this Roving Reporter, Dr Paul Byrne alerts us on the laws being passed by states nation wide called 'Presumed Intent', which states that all persons are perspective organ donors (... or involuntary organ donors) unless the individual declares otherwise, under the guise of 'brain death'.

About Zack Dunlap who was declared brain dead: 
The young man himself told NBC that he heard the doctors pronounce him brain dead, and said, "I’m glad I couldn’t get up and do what I wanted to do." When asked what he wanted to do, he responded, "There probably would have been a broken window they went out." (Source)

A more detailed interview with Dr. Byrne:
Zen Garcia interviews Dr. Paul about the uniform anatomical gift act and how this law requires people to give up their organs without consent especially if they are not of sound mind or have disabilities. This video also warns people about the living will and why you should use a durable power of attorney for health care decisions for protecting one's life in an emergency situation. Living wills do not protect you, they only protect the doctors and institutions which take your life and organs.

~ Articles written by Dr. Byrne on life issues ~

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