Monday, March 1, 2010

Randy Albright's Message in Song: "Child of Mary"

Randy Albright's beautiful song, Child of Mary, is addressed to all of Mary's children--which includes all of humanity. The most perfect Mother of all time--chosen for Jesus Himself--was given to all of God's children by Jesus as he hung dying on the Cross. How blessed we are!

In the second video, Randy tells how he was encouraged to develop his musical talent by his adoptive parents. God bless his biological mother for choosing life for her son! One life affects countless others-all according to God's plan!

Child of Mary, kneel and pray; a lion seeks your soul today.You're the prize he hopes to gain with sinful lies, soil and stain. O run to Mary and you won't be lost; she wants to lead you to the Cross. Through her intercession, you'll find grace in our heavenly Father's embrace. So struggle onward down soldier's path as you endure temptation's wrath; but, no matter what the hour, once you turn to Mary evil has no power over you. So do not stray from her protection; you're still the lion's prime selection. Send him away in frightful flight; kneel and pray in God's grace and light. Child of Mary, kneel and pray.

~ Randy Albright lyrics and music ~

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