Friday, March 19, 2010

Abortion Clinic Emergencies: Botched Abortions

This is a composite of ambulance calls to Aware Woman abortion clinic in Melbourne, Florida. It shows the tragic results of botched abortions. Countless women have been injured at Aware Woman and other abortion clinics throughout the United States where abortion is legal but not safe.

The last frame of the video shows the abortionist who injured these women. Aware woman abortionist William Philip Egherman was trained by Martin Haskell, the inventor of partial birth abortion.

The bomb squad vehicle is the one with ramps on the back for their bomb handling robot. Notice the neighborhood school children walking by from their school bus stop within sight of the bomb squad truck as the bomb squad does their job.

The video is overlaid with audio from the actual 911 calls and one message left on our answering machine by one young woman whose abortion at Aware Woman went terribly wrong.

Transcript of an Aware Woman patient:

This young woman is responding to one of many letters sent to Aware Woman patients offering help with problems after an abortion. She did not identify herself but she is obviously hurting both physically and mentally:

"Hi, I had a procedure done there (at Aware Woman abortion clinic) in January and I just think that while you are protesting you should just maybe tell the people what happened to me. I had an abortion in January of this year and two days later . . . they didn't give me an abortion. A baby came out in the toilet and I held it in my hand.

"I tried to get counseling and things like that. You know all the therapist does is just want to dig up things that have happened in your life. She never wants to hit the issue that you want to talk about.

"Well, I'm just calling . . . I mean you can tell the girls that, you know, if this is something they want to do, then don't go there (Aware Woman).

"I tried to seek legal advice and pretty much Aware Woman has covered their butt. You know they are not going to let anything happen to them.

"So, my intentions are only just to tell these girls that they might go in and pay $480.00 and their termination might be what happens. They don't know what might happen 2 or 3 days later. Maybe they may have a chance that nothing would happen to them. Their baby might come out like mine did -- whole. It wasn't torn, it wasn't anything. I was 13 weeks and I held it in my hand. It fit in the palm of my hand.

"I have terrible, terrible problems. I bleed every day. I don't know if I will ever have children again. I am 22 years old.

"Maybe I should have listened to the lady who was trying to talk to me when I went inside. I haven't talked to anyone else about this so it felt good just to have someone listen and not say anything."

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