Friday, April 16, 2010

Planned Parenthood Can't Be Trusted!

Whether Planned Parenthood workers are deliberately dishonest or just plain ignorant about fetal development in the womb, the fact is they can't be trusted to give scientifically factual information. Even if they are informed, why would they want to discourage abortions? Their jobs and paychecks depend on women having abortions. Only God's grace can provide the conversion of heart needed to turn away from their jobs at abortion centers. Please pray and fast for them and for all who participate in, encourage, support, or are indifferent to the serious sin of abortion!

Today there is no shortage of available, detailed, accurate scientific information on life in the womb, including spectacular ultrasound images which clearly show the developing unborn child in the earliest stages of life. The truth about abortion is available for anyone who WANTS to hear it and accept it. God is providing an unprecedented abundance of reliable information for the education of His people regarding LIFE in the womb, lives created by Him. What excuse could any of us give when we face Him at judgement (as we all will) if we have not done what we could to protect and defend HIS unborn children, our own brothers and sisters in Christ?


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